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Winter SALE!! Expires this Friday. 10% off your rental in January-March.  5% off any order April-December if reserved by Friday.


Our sturdy metal chairs feature vinyl seats and backs.  The Resin padded chairs are designed to be more comfortable and they look great!    Both styles are designed to withstand sinking into lawns.

  black poly/metalwhite poly/metal black/tan poly/metalresin paddedbar stool




Style Color Cost
      Festival chair, functional, older-scratched   same as Poly/Metal Chair,  retired wedding chairs, "B" grade White $.90
Children's Chair Blue, Red $1.50
Poly/Metal Chair Black $1.00
Poly/Metal Chair Black/Tan $1.00
Poly/Metal Chair White $1.40
WEDDING Poly/Metal Chair White, NEW 2014 $1.75
Resin Padded Chair White $2.75
Bar Stool Black/chrome $5.00



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A1 Tent & Party Rentals
 Atlanta, Georgia
(770) 458-7740