Our sturdy poly/metal chairs feature vinyl seats and back with a metal frame.  The resin padded chairs are designed to be more comfortable and they look great for that traditional wedding look.  Both styles resist sinking into lawns.  Festival chairs are functional (scratched or faded or older) retired wedding chair, we do not advise you to use these chairs for weddings or formal events.  They are structurally sound and perfect for events that "just need a place to sit". 

We also carry a tall bar stool which complements our cabaret or tall boy tables.  They feature a circular foot rest and a padded black seat.

A-1 Rentals also have chairs designed for the little ones.  They can be used with our children's tables.  They are good for children up to approximately 6 or 7 years old.  The solid resin chairs are red or blue.  The metal framed children's chair feature a blue vinyl seat.

Poly/metal chair - black$1/each
Poly/metal chair - white$1.40/each
Poly/metal chair - black & tan$1/each
Resin padded chair$2.75/each
Bar stool$5/each
Children's chair$1.50/each
Festival chair$.90/each