Frozen Drinks


Frozen Drink Machines

Frozen Drink Machine Rental, double bowl, 3 gallon x 2, 125 lbs.$139
Hi-capacity, 2 unit frosty factory, 170 lbs.$259



Frozen Drink Machine Mixes

Margarita, 1 gallon produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $25
Strawberry Daiquiri, 1 gallon produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $25
Hurricane, 1 gal produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons)$25

Helpful Tips

- (Frozen drink machines ) Before your party, refrigerate the materials (water, alcohol, mix). This will ensure a FASTER freeze time.

- (Frozen drink machines ) Use the machine in an air-conditioned room.  If you put the machine outside in the sun, it will dramatically increase the freeze time.  Bring out the chilled drinks in pitchers.

- Do not use extension cords.  If you must, we will supply you with a 25' HEAVY-DUTY gauge cord.  Long or light duty cords will not work.  Try to plug in directly into a 20 amp dedicated circuit.

-  We only allow Island Oasis blenders to be picked up by the customer.  We have to deliver machines 1-5. No exceptions. They are extremely heavy and are sensitive to movements which may shift the machines seals.  We offer special delivery rates for the machines.  Please inquire.   

-The Island Oasis machine rentals are great if you want to try lots of different flavors.  They also are recommended if you want to use a rental machine outside on a hot day.  The other machines may take a long time to freeze.

- When we deliver the rental machines, the bigger ones can not go up a flight of stairs.  There must be an elevator, they are too heavy.