From table skirts to overlays, A1 Tent & party Rentals can help you choose the proper linens in many color combinations.  Please visit our showroom to see our selection of linen colors and materials!!

Linen SizeAccommodates Table SizeColorRental Fee
Square, 90" x 90" linen rental60" RoundWhite, Black$9, $10
Square, 54" x 54" linen rentalOverlaysWhite, Black$7, $8
Round, 90" linen rental 60" Round, 1/2 to floorWhite, Black$11, $11
Round, 96" linen rental60" Round, 2/3 to floorWhite, Black, colors$12, $12, call
Round, 120" linen rental60" Round to FloorWhite, Black, colors$16, $16, call
Round, 132" linen rental72" Round to FloorWhite, Black, colors$19, $19, call
Rectangle, 52" x 116" linen rental6' and 8' Rectangular, 1/3 to floorWhite, Black$9, $10
Rectangle, 90" x 132" linen rental6' Rectangle to floorWhite, Black, color$14, $17, call
Rectangle, 90" x 156" linen rental 8' Rectangle to floorWhite, Black, color$15, $19, call
Napkins, 20" x 20" linen rentalWhite, Black, colors $.50/each, $.60/each, call

Chair Covers/Bows


Our chair covers only fit our folding chairs (samsonite style).  You must rent our chairs to ensure they will fit.  Covers INCLUDE an organza sash.

ItemColorRental Fee
Chair Covers w/ organza sashNumerous colors$3/each


note:  A1 Tent & Party Rentals will charge for burn holes, wax, or excessive misuse.  The linens must be free of  food and debris upon pickup.