From table skirts to overlays, A1 Tent & party Rentals can help you choose the proper linen sizes.

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Linen SizeAccommodates Table SizeColorRental Fee
Square, 90" x 90" linen rental60" RoundWhite, Black$9, $10
Square, 54" x 54" linen rentalOverlaysWhite, Black$7, $8
Round, 90" linen rental 60" Round, 1/2 to floorWhite, Black$11, $11
Round, 120" linen rental60" Round to FloorWhite, Black$16, $16
Rectangle, 52" x 116" linen rental6' and 8' Rectangular, 1/3 to floorWhite, Black$9, $10
Rectangle, 90" x 132" linen rental6' Rectangle to floorWhite, Black$14, $17
Rectangle, 90" x 156" linen rental 8' Rectangle to floorWhite, Black$15, $19
Napkins, 20" x 20" linen rentalWhite, Black $.50/each, $.60/each


note:  A1 Tent & Party Rentals will charge for burn holes, wax, or excessive misuse.  The linens must be free offood and debris upon pickup.