Pipe/Drape Rentals

Uplighting Rentals

Pipe and Drape is a great way to hide unsightly areas, create booths, or back drops for staging or tents.  You may also create a "room" with 4 walls for changing areas for events or fashion shows.  Our Pipe and Drape rentals can create a non-intrusive background space.  Ideal for trade show booths, stage backdrops, and room dividers.  Pipe and drape rentals are the fastest and safest way of hanging drapes in your venue.

The pipe and drape is free standing so they are great for room dividers, partitions, and backdrops for staging.  Pipe and drape is ideal for concealing unsightly areas.  Use pipe and drape to conceal warehouses, community centers, gymnasiums and create your own beautiful event wonderland!  Add up lighting to our white or sheer pipe and drape and you have unlimited color decorating potential.  A-1 Rentals has transformed numerous facilities around Atlanta and North Georgia into beautiful event venues.

Trade show booths can be created using our pipe and drape.  Let A-1 Rentals help you design your trade show booths.  We can create a pipe and drape system for your event.  Our trade show booth rentals can build off each other which results in rental savings to you!



Pipe and drape is popular all year round.  They can be used indoors or outdoors.   Reserve your rental early!

Remember to check out our new L.E.D. Furniture!  It will make your event a complete success!

Our black velour drapes are perfect for events looking for privacy, creating walls or hallways. Velour is drape that looks elegant and classy on both sides.


Large order pipe/drape discounts

Ask about our large order discounts!  

10' wide x 8' tall, Pipe and Drape Rental, sectionBlack Banjo$30/section
10' wide x 8' tall, Pipe and Drape Rental, sectionWhite Banjo$35/section
10' wide x 8' tall, Pipe and Drape Rental, sectionBlack Velour$65/section
10' wide x 8' tall, Pipe and Drape Rental, section White Sheer$35/section
10' wide x 10' tall, Pipe and Drape Rental, sectionBlack Banjo$40/section
10' wide x 12' tall, Pipe and Drape Rental, sectionBlack Banjo$45/section
10' wide x 3' tall, Pipe and Drape Rental, section Black Banjo$15/section
10' x 10' x 10' x 10' x 8' High Wedding Canopy Rental White Sheer$160



Our LED wireless battery uplighting is perfect for your weddings and special events.  Use them with tents, staging, backdrops, pipe/drape, under tables...... let your imagination go wild!


EZ PAR 64 uplighting rental


     No electrical cords

     Batteries last 20 hours one color, last 8 hours with all colors

     Cool LED

     Remote controlled programming

     Many colors

     Indoor/Outdoor (must protect from moisture)

     Lighting scenes and effects


EZ Par 64Numerous$25
EZ Par 64, 15 or more eachNumerous$20
EZ Par 64, 30 or more eachNumerous$18