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Prices are for time out, if used or not used.  Special rates are available for longer rentals.  Full payment is due in advance of receipt of equipment.


A 50% advance payment secures a reservation.


Delivery is to the garage or loading dock (first floor).  Tents, stages, dance floor pricing include setup.  Equipment setup and breakdown is available at a nominal fee in advance.


The renter is responsible for all rented equipment.  Be sure the equipment is protected from the weather and is secure.


All food/beverage items should be rinsed free of food and repacked in the same containers delivered in.  Linens should be free of refuse and dry to prevent mildew.  Tables and chairs should be folded and stacked neatly ready for pickup.  All items should be in a single location.  Additional fees will be assessed for non-compliance.

Hours      Monday-Friday        8am-5pm


Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)


How soon do I need to reserve my order?    

The sooner the better.  If we receive your reservation early, we can prioritize delivery/pickup times and assure you of availability of certain rental items.  If you are not sure of the exact amount of tables and chairs needed, we can let you change the number by 20% up to a week before your rental.  If you wait to the last minute to add items during our peak spring, summer, and fall seasons, chances are they won't be available.


What size tent(s) should I order?

We have an estimation guide on our planning guide page to assist you.  ALWAYS consult your a-1 tent representative to make a final choice.


Do side curtains come with the tent?

No, side curtains are an accessory and are an additional charge.


Can we rent a tent when it is cold/warm?

Yes.  We can provide tent side curtains, heaters, and fans to make your environment more suitable.


What factors should be considered when setting up a tent?

Underground items like sewer, wires, cables, sprinklers, etc.  Overhead obstructions like trees and powerlines.


Can you setup a tent on a paved parking lot?

Yes.  You can stake into the black top.  After we are done we can fill in the holes with blacktop.  If we can not use stakes you can use a frame tent and use weights to hold the tent down.  There will be additional costs involved if we stake into blacktop or use weights for frame tents.


When do you setup and remove the tent?

For large events we usually try to set up a day or two early.  Many factors such as flexibility of scheduling, size  of installation and coordination of other services such as decorating, catering, and a/v will influence time of setup.  


Can you install my tent during off business hours?

If you have restrictions for setup and takedown of an event, we will try to accommodate you.  There may be an additional cost for setup or takedown during holidays or non-business hours.


Can I setup the tent myself?

For smaller tents this may be possible.  If it is a frame or a large pole tent, only our experienced crews may do the tent setup.


How close does your delivery truck have to be to the setup location?

The closer the better!  Most backyard events only require a cleared driveway.  Larger events require close proximity.  Some equipment can weigh over 5000 pounds!  If there is an abnormal distance to the event site there may be an additional charge.


Should I use round or rectangular tables?

Rectangular tables are generally used for less formal events such as backyard parties and church festivals, etc.  Round tables are used more for formal events such as weddings and corporate events.


How high should a stage be for a wedding reception or speaker?

Generally 12" is high enough for attendees in the back to have a good view of the people on stage.


For evening events, what type of lights should I use?

Each type of event is different.  For weddings we recommend perimeter lighting which gives a subdued lighting affect.  This gives you a fine restaurant type lighting.  We also recommend some supplemental lighting like pole lamps in the corners or entrance way to the tent.


Do you setup everything on delivery?

Setup of the tent, lighting, dance floors, and staging is included in the rental price of those items.  The setup of other items such as tables and chairs  will result in an additional charge. 


Who is responsible for the repair of any damaged property where the event is held?

We will fill in any holes left by tent stakes.  We cannot be responsible for damage to lawns/landscaping caused by being covered by a tent or a floor.  We also are not responsible for damage caused by pedestrian traffic at the event.


If I do not see an item I want to rent on your website/catalog can you help me locate it?

Many times our website and catalog can not catch up with our inventory purchases.  Call us and we will try to accommodate you.



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