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Winter SALE!! Expires this Friday. 10% off your rental in January-March.  5% off any order April-December if reserved by Friday.



                      5' round table8' table


Rectangular Tables-  Good for informal seating and buffets.

Size Capacity Persons Cost
6' x 30" Table Seats 6-8 $7.00
8' x 30" Table Seats 8-10 $8.00
Childs, 6' x 24" Seats 6-8 $8.00


Round Tables-  Great for formal seating and cake tables.

Size Capacity Persons Cost
48" Round Table Seats 6 $7.00
60" Round Table Seats 8 $8.00
30" Cabaret , 42" tall  Standing Table Stands 4 $10.00
Bar Stool (for bars or cabaret tables) - $5.00

cabaret table w/ 120" round linencocktail tables

Specialty Tables-  Good for creating spectacular buffet effects.  You can combine several of these to create a dramatic look.

Size Cost
Serpentine Table, quarter round $10.00
Square, 4' x 4' $10.00

Serpentine Tables


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