Table Rentals

Christmas colors for the holidays.  Don't get colored linens.  For almost the same price as a table and a colored linen you could get an LED table!!  


Our rental tables are available in different lengths, heights, and styles.  They can be used for seating, buffet, gift, cake, dessert, registration and displays.

Check out our new line of Lighted and LED furniture.  They will make ANY event a huge success.

The rental banquet tables are available in 6 and 8 foot lengths by 30" widths.  They are good for informal seating such as graduations, barbecues, and back yard parties.  Banquet tables are also excellent for buffets and can be combined with serpentine and round tables.

The rental round tables are available in 60" (5') and 48" (4') size diameters.  They are best used for formal events such as weddings, sit down dinners, and cake tables.

Cabaret rental tables (hi-boy, tall-boy) are perfect to sprinkle around a dance floor, bar, or deck area.  You can rent bar stools with them or use them as standing tables.  You can also rent the regular table height cabaret tables for small dining tables (2 max.), serving, display, registration, etc.


Rectangle Tables

Rectangle rental tables are great for informal seating or buffets.


Table SizeSeating CapacityRental Fee
Table rental, 6' x 30"seats 6-8 people$7/each
Table rental, 8' x 30"seats 8-10 people$8/each
Rustic Farm Table set with benches, 8' x 40"seats 8-10$95/set
Single Barrel Cocktail Table$45/each
Double Barrel Table$125/each
Children Table rental, 6' x 24"seats 6-8 kids$8/each
L.E.D. Coffee table$35/each
L.E.D. Hi-Boy Table, 30" D x 42" H, w/ 2 Barstools$129/set
L.E.D. Hi-Boy Table, w/ footrest, 21" D x 42" H, w/ 2 Barstools$129/set
L.E.D. Cube, 16" x 16"$19/each
L.E.D. Accent Glass Top Table$25/each
L.E.D. Furniture check out L.E.D. Furniture page




Lighted TableTable SizeRental Fee
Rectangle6' or 8' Rectangle$35
Cabaret Table30"D x 42"H$35

You can change the colors of the furniture by remote control to any color you want and have strobe effects and fading, etc.!! AMAZING


Round Tables

Round rental tables are good for formal seating and cake tables.


Table SizeSeating CapacityRental Fee
Table rental, 48" round (4')seats 6-8$7/each
Table rental, 60" round (5')seats 8-10 people$8/each
Table rental, 30" cabaret, 42" or 30" tall$10/each
Table rental, 36" cabaret, 42" or 30" tall$11/each


Specialty Tables

Awesome for creating spectacular buffet effects.  You can combine several of these to create a dramatic look.


Table SizeRental Fee
Table rental, serpentine$10/each
Table rental, square, 4' x 4'$10/each

We highly recommend that you rent linens or purchase disposable paper/plastic table cloths for the tables (non-LED).  The tables are plywood, like all other rental companies, and very strong but they are not designed to be used with out some type of covering.