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Welcome   to  A1   Tent   &   Party  Rentals  --  we   are  excited  to  do business with you.  A1 Tent & Party Rentals  is  an  established  company with a reputation for providing excellent service and quality products at competitive prices in the Atlanta, Georgia area.


This  website  and   catalog   have  been  developed   to   inform   you   of  the  many  options available  to  make   your  celebration  a  success.   A1  Tent & Party Rentals  should have the equipment you need.   If you don't  see  what  you're  looking  for,  please  feel  free  to  ask!    We continually update our rental inventory to meet customer demand.  We also rent restrooms and carnival items.


Remember  this  website  and  catalog  are  guidelines  only  and some adjustments   may   be   necessary.    Your   A1   Tent  &  Party   Rental representative  can  help  fine  tune  your  planning.    A1  Tent & Party Rentals  wishes  you much success  for your event and we look forward to helping you achieve that success.


Robert Leyden, President
A1 Tent Rentals, Inc.


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A1 Tent & Party Rentals
 Atlanta, Georgia
(770) 458-7740