Dance Dome Rentals


Great for cold weather!  Enclosed Dome will block out cold and wind.


We love our new product line -- "THE Dance DOME".  Make sure you play the video.  There are disco lights and a great sound system.  You have the added bonus of being able to bounce around the "THE Dance DOME" just like a regular inflatable.  This is not just for kids... A lot of adults are using too!

The exterior is is printed in a disco theme with a high multi-colored roof which produces an incredible visual impact.  The dome interior is fitted with a flashing lighting system which light bounces off the glossy black interior.

The  Dance Dome can hold up to 12 younger kids at a time.  Half of rentals are for adults!  The Dome is large, 20'L x 24'W x 18' HIGH!  You can play any music that you have saved and can send through the blue tooth system.

We arrive before your party and setup the Dance Dome for you.  We will go over the instructions also.  Delivery only, no customer pickups on this item.

The sound is installed with a bluetooth music system which allows you to connect their phones to send music to "The Dance Dome"!  How cool is that!

Dance Dome Rental, large, 20' x 24' x 18' HIGH$299

Play the Video!!

"The Dance Dome" is great for the winter months.  Please reserve very very early for this item.  We only have two and they are booking quickly!