Tents and accessories allow you to select the perfect setting for your special occasions, business events, weddings and receptions.  Put a tent in your garden, in the park, over a driveway or any other location that offers fresh air and outdoor fun.

Select the tent size and style that best meets your needs- open and airy or with sidewalls or windows.  You can even add a marquee tent to define the entrance and walkways to add style and weather protection.  Sidewalls are great to add privacy, keep warmer air inside, and keep insects out.  Sidewalls for the tents are additional.



Elite Pole Tents


When events demand a spectacular presence, the Elite tent's spacious interior and cathedral-like ceiling offer added glamour and style.  The elegant profile of an Elite tent provides the ultimate expression of style.  Pictures are shown with optional leg curtains and sidewalls.  A pole tent is a heavy duty party tent made of thick vinyl supported by poles around the perimeter and in the center.  All pole tents are available with a choice of sidewalls styles as shown in the tent accessory page.

Tent SizeColorCapacityRental Fee
20 x 20 Pole TentWhite40$230
20 x 30 Pole TentWhite60$320
20 x 40 Pole TentWhite80$420
30 x 30 Pole TentWhite90$450
30 x 45 Pole TentWhite135$625
30 x 60 Pole TentWhite180$750
30 x 75 Pole TentWhite225$895
30 x 90 Pole TentWhite270$1045
40 x 40 Pole TentWhite160$550
40 x 60 Pole TentWhite240$825
40 x 80 Pole TentWhite320$1075
40 x 100 Pole TentWhite400$1375
40 x 120 Pole TentWhite480$1625
60 x 60 Pole TentWhite360$1275
60 x 90 Pole TentWhite540$1875
60 x 120 Pole TentWhite720$2475


Frame Tents



A Frame tent is constructed with a metal frame that has no center poles.  Frame tents offer infinite decorating and layout possibilities.  The self-supporting structure is great for situations like decks, driveways, parking lots, lawns with sprinkler systems which can not accommodate tent stakes.  Frame tents are designed to withstand rougher weather conditions, including wind.  Marquee tents are great for "hallway" type shelters that define entrances and protect traffic from one tent to another tent or building.  Pictures shown are with optional leg curtains or leg covers.


Tent SizeColorCapacityRental Fee
10 x 10 Pop-up Sun ShadeWhite $75
10 x 10 Frame TentWhite $90
10 x 20 Frame Tent White $170
10 x 30 Frame TentWhite $250
Up to 10 x 90White call
15 x 15 Frame TentWhite20$195
20 x 20 Frame TentWhite40$230
20 x 30 Frame TentWhite60$320
20 x 40 Frame TentWhite80$420
30 x 30 Frame TentWhite90$475
30 x 45 Frame TentWhite135$795
30 x 60 Frame TentWhite180$995
40 x 40 Frame TentWhite160$975
40 x 60 Frame TentWhite240$1475
40 x 80 Frame TentWhite320$1975
40 x 100 Frame TentWhite400$2495