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Disco Dance Dome

The disco dance dome is an inflatable dome with a bouncy floor.  The dome is suitable for all ages.  It has a disco ball and led light system that illuminates the whole interior with multi-colored LED lights.  The music is provided by you via usb stick or Bluetooth device. 


Disco Dance Dome$449

Water Cage Challenge

The water cage challenge is a good alternative to a dunk tank.  Theres no tank to fill.  Hit the target to blast the unlucky contestant in the cage with cool water from numerous spray nozzles.  THe game is a blast for kids AND adults.  We just need to hook up to a water hose.

Water Cage Challenge$199


Our LED wireless battery uplighting is perfect for your weddings and special events.  Use them with tents, staging, backdrops, pipe/drape, under tables...... let your imagination go wild!

LED Uplighting$25 each

Power Breezers

Power Breezer$275