Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand Sanitizing Stations

We all know now why Hand Sanitizing Event Stations are more important than ever.  Let your guests feel safe!  Every event needs hand sanitizing stations to keep attendees clean, happy and germ-free.  Our Hand Sanitizing Stations should be used throughout your event. They are perfect for tent space, event entrances, food service areas, dining areas, concession areas, and restroom areas.  

Our hand sanitizing stations are a perfect addition to large events for convenient instant hand sanitizing. The antiseptic alcohol  kills 99.9% of most germs. Their lightweight design makes them extremely portable but the bases can be weighted for stability and their position design allows for maximum service.


Hand Sanitizing Station

A-1 Rentals has a convenient solution for your safety needs for hosting events. 

Our Hand sanitizing stations include the sanitizer. We will provide 1 free station with every tent rental order 800 sq.ft or larger (You need to ask your salesperson if you want one at time of ordering). We recommend 1 station for every 40-80 people. The stations include a touchless dispenser.   You can print your own sign 8 1/2" x 11" . (Happy Birthday Joe, Congratulations Mary and Tom, etc). We recommend multiple stations for large events.  Includes 1000 ml of sanitizing liquid.   Includes UV disinfection light.



Hand Sanitizing Station 4-unit

Hand Sanitizing 4 Unit Station Rental – Every event needs hand sanitizing stations! Our Hand sanitizing stations include the sanitizer.  The station has 4 touchless dispensers.    Size (LxWxH): 22″ x 22″ x 52″ inches Weight: 18 lbs empty 68 lbs filled with ballast.   Includes 1000 ml of sanitizing liquid in each dispenser.  Includes UV disinfection light.