Stage Rentals

For head tables, speaker platforms, or performance stages, we offer versatile stages and staging rental systems.  Featuring black vinyl tops, each stage section is 4' x 8' Wenger or 4’ x 4’ Bil-Jax and can be combined to produce larger stages.  The height can be adjusted from 15" to 30" high for the Wenger and up to 48” high for the Bil-Jax systems.  The adjustable legs are great for rough or uneven terrain.

Our staging rentals are great for risers, walk ways, modeling runways, dance platforms, speaking podiums, etc.  We also offer stage stairs with hand rails and black skirting.

Stages are very popular during the holiday season and especially in the months of April, May and June because of wedding and graduations.  Every weekend in April, May and June we will run out of staging.  

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Wenger Stage, 4’ x 8’ sections

  1. Indoor/Outdoor.

  2. Dark gray carpet (Brand NEW in 2019) or black vinyl top options.

  3. Adjustable leg options 15”-30” high.

ItemRental Fee
Stage section, 4' x 8' rental, Black vinyl or Dark grey carpet top, 4 piece minimum$70/ea
Stairs with handrail rental$30/ea
Black skirting, 8' length rental (up to 30" high)$10/ea.
Quarter round section, 4' x 4', great for runways. 2 make a semi-circle$45/ea.

Bil-Jax Stage, 4’ x 4’ sections

  1. All Brand NEW Bil-Jax staging in 2019!!

  2. Indoor/outdoor.

  3. For upscale/professional/higher options.

  4. Dark gray carpet or black top options.

  5. 24” up to 48” adjustable leg options, 1” increments.

  6. Stages that are above 30” require guardrails and horizontal or diagonal bracing.

ItemRental Fee
Stage section, 4' x 4' rental, Black top or Dark grey carpet top, 8 piece minimum$40/ea
Stairs with handrail rental, 32"-42"$75/ea
Stairs with handrail rental, 20"-30"$30/ea
Black skirting, 8' length rental (Up to 4' High)$10/ea.
Safety guardrail, 4' length rental$15/ea.

Stage Sizepices needed
8' x 16' stage rental4 wenger pcs, 8 bil-jax pcs
16' x 8' stage rental4 wenger pcs, 8 bil-jax pcs
20' x 8' stage rental5 wenger pcs, 10 bil-jax pcs
24' x 8' stage rental6 wenger pcs, 12 bil-jax pcs
24' x 12' stage rental9 wenger pcs, 18 bil-jax pcs
32' x 8' stage rental8 wenger pcs, 16 bil-jax pcs
32' x 12' stage rental12 wenger pcs, 24 bil-jax pcs


You can make any combination of 4' x 4' panels to suit your needs. 

Remember to check out our new L.E.D. Furniture!  It will make your event a complete success!

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