Elite Pole, White, 60' x 90'

Elite Pole, White, 60' x 90'

The 60' x 90' tents hold about 54 tables, 540 chairs and 540 people.

When events demand a spectacular presence, the Elite tent's spacious interior and cathedral-like ceiling offer added glamour and style.  The elegant profile of an Elite tent rental provides the ultimate expression of style.    A pole tent is a heavy duty party tent made of thick vinyl supported by poles around the perimeter and in the center.  All pole tents are available with a choice of sidewalls styles as shown in the tent accessory page.

Our 60' x 90' pole tents have 28 side poles which are about 8' tall around the perimeter.  There are 2 center poles which are 21' tall.  All our tents are white.