Fan, Water Misting, Misting, Cooling

Fan, Water Misting, Misting, Cooling

Fan, Water Misting, Misting, Cooling

This Schaefer VersaMist® Misting Fan with Cart makes it easy to add a refreshing mist of cool comfort wherever it is needed. Rapid mist evaporation lowers air temperatures up to 30 degrees, providing effective cooling indoors or out.

The cool air you will now enjoy when using this misting equipment is created through the process of evaporation. Heat is required to change water from a liquid to a gas or "water vapor". Our self-contained power misting equipment creates a "fog" by pumping water at a very low flow rate through small nozzles. When combined with the air added by a fan, this fog is rapidly evaporated. The heat required to evaporate the fog is extracted from the air causing a reduced air temperature. This cooler air is then distributed to people  creating a direct cooling effect.

The VersaMist® reduces air temperature by as much as 30°F. Low pressure mist technology combines fine mist and high speed air movement for highly effective “person” cooling indoors and outdoors. The 18”, UL507 rated, 3-speed fan provides up to seven hours of use and is ergonomically designed for portability. The VersaMist is ideal for cooling work areas, rehabilitation stations, outdoor events, emergency workers, patios, and sidelines.

The fans do not oscillate.

  • Please do not let the fans run dry. You will seize the pump and will have to pay for a new one.
  • Features and Benefits:
  • Produces up to 2600 cfm of cooling breeze
  • A 10 gallon built in water reservoir for portability
  • Adjustable fan head for targeted cooling
  • Rapid mist evaporation produces 16,000 BTU/hour (1.4 tons) of cooling

Pump and fan assembly separates from the reservoir for quick and effortless set up, cleaning and storage Integral tip switch to turn power off if unit is knocked over 25 foot outdoor rated power cord with integrated GFCI plug for use in standard wall outlet UL507 rated for outdoor use.