Frame, White, 30' x 60'

Frame, White, 30' x 60'

The 30' x 60' tents hold about 18 tables, 180 chairs and 180 people.

A frame tent is constructed with a metal frame that has no center poles.  Frame tents offer infinite decorating and layout possibilities.  The self-supporting structure is great for situations like decks, driveways, parking lots, lawns with sprinkler systems which can not accommodate tent stakes.  Frame tents are designed to withstand rougher weather conditions, including wind. Please check out all our tent accessories to make your event a complete success!  We offer sidewalls, lighting, tent weights, leg curtains, liners and more!


Our 30' x 60' frame tents have 16 legs which are about 7' tall around the perimeter.  The center of the tent is 14'.  All our tents are white.