Fun Foods


Popcorn works! The delicious, buttery smell makes mouths water and is a great giveaway or draws traffic to any event!  There is no equal to the taste of our Gold Medal brand popcorn which is made in our popcorn rental machines.

Cool treats mean sizzling sales. Heat up your concession stand or event with a durable shave ice or Sno-Kone® machine that cuts through ice with ease.  Our sno-Kone rental machines makes the best shaved ice and our flavors are fabulous!

All year long.... we've got everything you need to spin up the fun with cotton candy. It has one of the highest profit returns and can be sold anywhere from festivals to ballparks and in countless stores.  Every kid (and adult) loves cotton candy!  Our cotton candy machine rentals are easy to use.

Fun Food MachinePrice
Popcorn Machine Rental$60
Cotton Candy Machine Rental$60
Sno-Kone Machine Rental$60

Popcorn, 50 svgs$20
Popcorn, 100 svgs$30
Sno-Kone, 50 svgs$15
Sno-Kone, 100 svgs$25
Cotton Candy, 50 svgs$15
Cotton Candy, 100 svgs$25

Operation Videos


Watch the videos below on how to operate the machines.  They are very easy to use and even have the directions written on the machine.  We have many machines and they may not be exactly as shown.  Our cotton candy machines do not have the webbing around the bowl.  This is not needed.  Please spray water or wipe a moist towel around the inside perimeter of the bowl.  That will prevent the floss from flying around.