Par Light, LED, Battery

Par Light, LED, Battery

Par Light, LED, Battery

Every event would be better with uplighting rentals!  Weddings, graduations, corporate events, holiday parties and more.  Add that "wow factor" to your next event.

All of our uplighting is controlled remotely which allows you to change the settings with a touch of a button.  Uplighting rentals is an affordable solution to transform any event.  Our LED wireless battery uplighting is perfect for your weddings and special events.  Use them in venues, homes,  tents, staging, backdrops, pipe/drape, under tables...... let your imagination go wild!

If you are lighting an entire room with LED uplighting, we recommend 1 light for every 5-12 feet.  The closer the uplighting the more color will be achieved.  Uplighting is accomplished by placing the LED light on the floor and pointing it up the wall to the ceiling.  The LED uplighting works best in a darker room.  Sunshine will wash out the color of the LED lights.  The room needs to be dimly lit.

Remember to reserve your uplighting early.  Uplighting is popular all year round and especially during the wedding season and holidays! Remember to check out our new L.E.D. Furniture!  It will make your event a complete success!

  • Wireless or plug in
  • No electrical cords
  • Batteries last 20 hours one color, last 8 hours with all colors
  • Cool LED Remote controlled programming
  • Many colors
  • Indoor/Outdoor (must protect from moisture)
  • Lighting scenes and effects

Order 10 more they are $20 each!!



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