Power Breezer

Power Breezer

Power Breezer

The Power Breezer® cools 3000 sq. ft. by up to 27°F.  It is a rugged and mobile cooling unit engineered to cool outdoors & partially covered areas.  Fans, misting fans, portacools--- nothing is more cost efficient and effective!

Don't wait to rent a Power Breezer!   Your event is too important for your guests to be uncomfortable.  When Atlanta gets hot, it becomes HOTLANTA!  Power Breezer rentals hould be ordered well in advance of your event.  If you try to order one a week or a few days before your event in the summer it is probably too late.  Give us a call though you may be lucky!  You and the rest of the area is looking for a way to cool down.  Our phones ring off the hook in the summer just for our cooling solutions.

We will need access to electricity for a normal 110 volt 20 amp circuit.  We will need to fill with water on site. 


Power Breezer Rental Benefits

  • Up to 3000 sq. ft.  (if in tents fan blocked with tables/chairs/people - 1500 sq. ft.)
  • Reduces temperatures by up to 27 degrees
  • Water tank can last up to 5 days
  • Does not get users or equipment wet
  • No garden hose hook ups
  • Better than port-a-cools
  • Clean atomizing technology provides only cool, refreshing air with no chemicals
  • Tent sidewalls not needed or recommended



Our cooling solutions are in high demand in the months of June, July, August and September.  If you are having an important event during those months please do not wait until the last minute to add these items.  Everyone else is waiting to the last minute too-- which will probably be too late!  We do not have enough systems to cool all of our tents.  Your event is too important to be without the proper cooling solutions.